Rules are created, not discovered. If there is no single rule that may suite your needs then create a new rule by using the rule that states that “rules are created”.

Never create the rule that states “Rules cannot be created” – it is impossible to predict what will happen after. The Universe might explode.
If this, or some other rule does not suit your needs then you can create a rule that states “Rules cannot be created”.
Will this cancel the rule about creating a rules that I created? Maybe, but then it will destroy your rule about the impossibility to create rules as well because there will be no rules in human consciousness.

Oh, and can you create the rule stating that rules cannot be created? Yes, if you can symmetrically place 3 blocks inside of the 4×4 wide room.

Oh, and for those, who really wanted to symmetrically place 3 blocks in 4×4 room – use supersymmetry rule. If this hint didn’t satisfy you, you can create your own rule.

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