Soul is a prostitute. Here for you only for some time, and then leaves you to face emptiness. Cannot make yours. Never belongs to anyone, but always with someone. Soul doesn’t have a long memory or a character. It’s faceless, and emotionless. It saw a lot, but it doesn’t mind to go back down into the dirty places for some more. It’s just how it is wired. Starting another day, every day, not knowing if today it will be humiliated or praised. Not knowing if tomorrow it will lose a client, or find a better one. Soul is a bitch, constantly slapped around by one of the two abusive overpowered, arrogant pimps. It never cares which pimp to work for, it doesn’t know the other way of living. There’s just something that attracts a soul to this lifestyle. It’s a life of adventure, an adventure that always ends in the same way.

Soul is a whore.


You don’t have dirty clothes for carpenting? All your clothes are so nice, new, clean, and shiny? Don’t worry, just visit your friend who is upgrading his house, just you know, to check it out, and have a beer with him, and tomorrow you’ll have clothes for carpenting.


Clothes for carpenting appear after the first day of carpenting.


It took Jesys 3 days to respawn. The estimated ping is 259200000ms. The approximate distance is 77706205113.6 kilometers from the server. And what does this lagger do next? He enables the noclip cheat and starts just flying over the map! And before he leaves, he prognoses that the server is going to crash, and it will continue crashing until his dad, the author of the source code, pushes a security update, that should patch up all the security holes; and then the map will be automatically reloaded. Well, thanks a lot, Captain Obvious! If you wouldn’t be lagging so hard, and cheating, the server would never crash in the first place!